Dog Walking, Hiking, Travel Bag - Waterproof Pack for Dog Waste Bags and Dog Training Treats

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Dog Poop Bags - Holder - Dog and Puppy Training Treats Holder - Treat Pouch and Dog Travel Pack - Dog Hiking Gear - Veteran and American-made

Fanny Pack - Lightweight, Waterproof, Durable, Pouch - for Puppy and Dog Training, as well as for Holding - Dog Poop Bags, Dog Training Treats, Dog Gear, Dog Hiking Gear, Dog Waste Bags, Dog Walking Accessories, and other Dog Accessories

This lightweight Dog Poop Bag Holder serves several purposes, uses and functions. In addition to holding Poop Bags and Dog Waste Bags, it also conveniently has space as a Dog Treat Pouch for Puppy and Dog Training, with plenty more room for all your other Dog Walking and Dog Hiking Essentials. This Dog Training Treat Pouch and Bag is a must have Dog Accessory for Dog Walking, Dog Training and Hiking with your beloved pup. Can also be used as a Fanny Pack and is waterproof to keep your belongings safe and protected if out in the rain.

Our dog walking and dog training bags are proudly Veteran-made right here in the USA. Thanks in advance for supporting American-made dog gear.