Real Leather Riveted Belts

Leather belts from American Bench Craft are made with the best materials and processes to create belts of unparalleled quality. Our handmade, custom cut belts are crafted from a single piece of full grain, vegetable tanned leather and held together with strong metal rivets. These elements combine to create one of the finest lines of riveted, full grain leather belts available.

Why Vegetable-Tanned Leather?

We create real leather riveted belts using vegetable-tanned leather for two reasons: vegetable-tanned leather creates a high-quality finish that only seems to look better with wear, and the vegetable tanning process is eco-friendly. Full grain, vegetable tanned leather becomes more supple with age, creating a belt that is comfortable and has an appearance that is unique to your specific belt.

Why Metal Rivets Instead of Stitching?

Both thread stitching and metal rivets securely hold leather products in shape. However we’ve found that rivets hold up better against the friction that comes with wearing your belt daily. In addition, metal rivets become more polished with wear, whereas thread eventually starts to fray and make a belt fall apart. Our real leather riveted belts are both highly durable and age immaculately well.

Why Use a Single Piece of Leather?

The single piece design of our real leather riveted belts ensures that they last for years — even a lifetime, with proper use and care. The more pieces of leather a belt has, the likelier it is to suffer damage that makes it start to come apart. We use a single piece of leather because there is simply no better way to create a leather belt that functions as well as it looks, no matter how often it is worn.

How can You Tell Leather is Full Grain?

Full grain leather can be identified by its natural patterns of appealing scars and marks. Hides are split into layers, and full grain leather is at the top. In addition to their unique appearance, full grain leather belts are prized because the full grain layer of hide is the most durable. When held together with metal rivets, these belts look better as they age, while remaining highly durable.

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