Best Everyday Leather Accessories

Our collection of leather gear features some of the best leather accessories in their class. From dog collars to key fobs, you’ll find a variety of utilitarian pieces that are made from the best leather to create a harmony of fine aesthetics and function. In addition to looking great, our leather gear is made with processes and materials that make it withstand wear remarkably well.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Leather gear from American Bench Craft is made from vegetable tanned, full grain leather, and durable metal rivets. The rivets offer far more durability than stitching, which makes them perfect for gear that receives plenty of use and commonly endures strain, such as a leather dog collar.

In addition to remaining durable with age, our leather gear develops a unique patina that makes it more visually appealing as the years roll by. Shop our expanding line of leather gear to find pieces that offer the functionality and durability you need, and the fine appearance you want.