Key Fobs

Leather Key Fob Holders and Key Holders

Opening a locked door with a key isn’t time consuming, but you can open it faster with a key fob whose electronic signal tells a magnetic door locking system to release a lock on a door. Help protect the functionality of your key fobs with leather key fob holders from American Bench Craft. We also have key fob covers that protect sets of locking keys, for those who must access doors the traditional way.

Protection is in the Leather

Our leather key fob holders and key covers are made from vegetable tanned, full grain leather — a highly durable material that offers excellent protection for key fobs and keys, and develops an attractive patina with wear, as it ages.

Other materials for protecting key fobs and keys work well for a while, but they often fall apart after moderate wear, and may need to be replaced several times over the lifetime of a key fob or set of keys to adequately protect. A protector from us can be the only one you ever need.

More than a Utility Item

The primary job of a protector for key fobs and keys is to house and protect the functionality of the items, but our leather key fob holders and leather key fob covers offer remarkable style in addition to utility.

If you care about the look of accessories used to protect your key fobs and keys, check out our selection of handmade, full grain leather accessories for key fobs and keys. They look great, protect your fobs and keys well, and have a lifetime guarantee. Place your order today!