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Hammer Riveted Leather Wallet Scarred & Distressed

These leather cuts show scars of a rough life, and every wallet tells a story.

At American Bench Craft, we use only full grain leather in its all-natural, unaltered form, as this is the strongest layer of a hide. But where leather is a natural material, the appearance is imperfect.

These imperfections, such as scars, wrinkles, and birthmarks are subtle and can be found on most of our products upon close inspection.

However, some parts of the hide are just too marked to pass our standards for appearance.

We’ve decided to sell these wallets at a reduced price to those who appreciate the interesting story behind these unique goods. The only difference between this Wallet and our Original Hammer Riveted Wallet is that the Scarred and Distressed will have more noticeable marks.

The leather is the same high quality leather we use with all of our products, and the imperfections do not weaken the leather or make the product any less durable than our other premium leather goods, these items just have more character.

As with all of our products, the Scarred and Distressed Wallet is constructed from a single piece of rugged, full grain leather, die-cut from one of our vegetable-tanned Steer hides. We fold the leather and secure the wallet using metal rivets, NO THREAD STITCHING. Finally, we stamp and finish the wallet using simple hand tools for an entirely handcrafted product, proudly Made-in-the-USA.

The Scarred and Distressed Wallet has two front pockets which are designed for quick-access use. These pockets are meant to hold 2 – 4 credit or ID cards each. The quick-access pockets should be designated for items you use frequently. Do NOT overstuff the quick access pockets, as the leather will mold around the additional items and result in an insecure fit. The two inside pockets are designed to hold 8-10 business cards, a wad of cash folded once and/or any additional cards you cannot part with.

Why Metal Rivets instead of Thread Stitching?

Metal rivets offer strength and durability to match this wallet’s rugged appearance. Both thread stitching and metal rivets offer strong holds. However, we’ve found rivets hold up better against the heat and friction from carrying and using your wallet every day. Over time, heat and friction fray thread and wallets ultimately fall apart. Heat and friction simply polish metal; making rivets a strong and unique alternative to thread stitching.

Why Vegetable-Tanned Leather?

Your leather wallet will arrive stiff and rigid, similar to a new baseball glove or pair of quality leather shoes. Vegetable tanned leather is completely all-natural and is meant to break in over time, improving with age, becoming more supple and developing a unique and beautiful patina that is entirely your own.

Additionally, vegetable-tanned leather is environmentally friendly, requires skilled craftsmen to produce and dye, and smells like leather, not chemicals. All of this ensures our wallets are of the highest quality and will not wear away with age or use.

Why a Single Piece of Leather?

Simple products are more durable. Fewer parts equal less susceptibility to failure. Our single piece design concept ensures our wallet’s long lasting strength and durability. 

Our wallet’s minimalist design is aimed to help men simplify their lives and reduce clutter. The fewer items you carry, the slimmer and sleeker your wallet will be. Our wallets are unique, stylish and simple; rugged, durable and extremely tough. They are made-in-America and built to last.


Width Open 6 7/16 inches

Width Closed 3 1/8 inches

Height 4 3/8 inches

Depth 3/8 inches

Availability: Free US Shipping. Made-to-order, Handcrafted and shipped in 3-5 business days.
Current Stock:
Width: 5.50
Height: 5.25
Depth: 4.25
Warranty: Handcrafted & Guaranteed for Life

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase, we will accept a return and process a refund unless otherwise specified.

The sale of all limited edition products, products that have been engraved, monogrammed, embossed, personalized, etc. are final and non-refundable.

We guarantee your purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of your product.

Where needed, we will repair your product. Please contact info@americanbenchcraft.com to discuss a potential repair service.

Our policy cannot accommodate purchases that have been abused, misused, or altered.

Customer Reviews 5 (8 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
Carved from granite

Not really carved from granite...but it could be! I bought the brown wallet and couldnt be happier about the rugged quality of it! I rubbed a little leather cream into it, and it has molded nicely! I dont even feel it back there! I definitely recommend this wallet if you want the best, American made wallet available!

5 Stars
Great Wallet

I purchased this wallet for my son. Unfortunately, the first one he owned was accidentally misplaced. Obviously, we came back again because this is the best wallet he and I have ever owned. Yes I have had one for 3 or 4 years. Product breaks in wonderfully, and looks like it did when I purchased it. Small, compact but surprisingly holds everything I need and more. Great product. Your belts rule too!!

5 Stars
It’s gorgeous!

I purchased this wallet as a gift for my husband for Christmas, so he hasn’t seen it yet but I know he’s going to love it. Shipping was really prompt; I received the wallet only a few days after ordering it. Customer service was also really great, I contacted them about the monogram and they were really quick to reply and got my order right with no issues at all. As far as the wallet itself, I was expecting a nice wallet, but I’m really impressed with just how nice it is. The leather and workmanship are fantastic and I have no doubt that it’s going to last every bit as long as claimed. Totally worth every penny. The only thing I thought was funny - I ordered the scarred and distressed because I thought my husband would enjoy the character of the leather, and the wallet I received looks pristine to me! It doesn’t really matter though because he’s going to love it either way!

5 Stars

Beautifully made. My husband is very picky and he absolutely loves this wallet

5 Stars
Hammer Riveted Wallet Scarred and Distressed

I have three sons in their 20´s who don´t need or want more ¨stuff¨. For Christmas this year, I ordered three of these wallets in the three different colors you had available and had their initials embossed into them. They arrived quickly, were beautifully crafted and nicely packaged. I know they are supposed to be scarred and distressed but I can´t imagine how any one of them could be more perfect! I put gift cards in each of them, put them back into their draw string bags and boxes and wrapped them. They were a HUGE hit! Christmas morning, all three of my sons immediately emptied their old wallets and put their new ones right to work. We all appreciate that their wallets were hand-crafted (locally!) just for them. These beautiful wallets should last a very long time. Thank you very much!

5 Stars
Great wallets!

This is my 2nd one...i love them so much planning on ordering a 3rd. Excellent quality! Beautiful simple design. I don't even feel the wallet in my pocket...this is a MUST BUY?

5 Stars
Outstanding Design and Quality

I had been searching for a wallet that was small, durable, and could hold all the essentials (ID, credit cards, cash, etc). There are lots of wallets that fit this description but the American Benchcraft design was truly elegant.Making a wallet from a single piece of high quality leather and riveted rather than stitched made a lot of sense to me as did the minimalistic design. Since I like things with character, I ordered the "distressed/second" version. Let me begin by saying that it is first quality material. Being natural outer cowhide, I had expected various marks and imperfections. Well, it certainly looks like an unblemished, extremely high quality finish to me. The leather is also thicker that you will find on most other wallets and should hold up for years if not decades. Secondly, the construction is excellent. Rather than stitching, the wallet is constructed using high quality rivets. This method holds the leather together quite securely without the linen or nylon stitching found on almost all other leather wallets. It will not come apart at the seams because there are none. Finally, it easily holds everything I need: 3 to 4 credit cards per pocket (6-8 total), folded currency, and business cards. It does cost a bit more that your run of the mill, department store wallet but quality commands a fair price and it is an outstanding value. This wallet is well designed, well constructed, innovative, and made in America. Well done!!

5 Stars
Yours will be one of a kind!

I was hesitant to order these as gifts, so I hedged my bets and ordered both the distressed and perfect wallets. In my particular case, I could hardly tell what the difference was! I could easily have given either and the recipients would have loved them. For me, I prefer the perfectly imperfect pieces. They are always unique and who doesn't have a few badges to commemorate a life lived?