Q:  Why is my wallet stiff and rigid?

A:  When you first take your wallet out of the box it will be stiff and rigid, almost like a new baseball glove. The leather used to make your wallet is thick durable bridle leather that shapes and molds with use. Your wallet will break-in, flatten out, and mold to shape after just a few days of sitting on it. You can also throw it under your mattress at night to speed along the breaking in process.


Q:  How much does the Hammer Riveted Wallet hold?

A:  The Hammer Riveted Wallet has 4 spacious pockets for holding plenty of cash and cards. The two quick-access front pockets easily hold up to 5 cards each. The two inner pockets behind the quick access pockets easily hold up to 12 bills (folded in half once) and 15 business cards. See wallet capacity video for a visual representation. WALLET CAPACITY VIDEO


Q:  How much does the Women's Riveted Cardholder hold?

A:  The Women's Riveted Cardholder can hold up to 5 cards and a few bills. 


Q:  What are the Rivets made of?

A:  The rivets are double cap rivets made from plated steel for rust resistance.


Q:  What are the dimensions of the Hammer Riveted Wallet?

A:  The inside pocket has a height of 3.625" and a width of 2.875”. The dimensions of the wallet when folded are 3.125" x 4.375". As for the thickness of the wallet, when it is first made it feels rather thick. Once it breaks in and molds to shape though, it flattens out and has a nice slim profile. With 3 ID cards, 4 credit cards, 10 business cards, and 7 bills, and the thickness is right around 5/8".


Q:  What are the dimensions of the Women's Riveted Cardholder?

A:   4.5"x2.75"