Ranger Wallet Scarred Front
ranger wallet scarred back of wallet

Ranger Wallet - Scarred

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Ranger Wallet Featuring One-Of-A-Kind Scarring

Life on the range is wild and untamed. Cattle roam the land often encountering predators, violent weather, and run-ins with barbed wire (the devil’s rope). Full grain leather bears the scars and markings left behind by this wild existence. 

  • Discreetly fits in your front pocket
  • One easy to access clipped corner for cards (holds 3-4 cards)
  • Another easy to access pocket with thumb notch for case (holds 10-15 bills)
  • Single piece of full grain leather, antique brass rivets
  • Dimensions: 2.875" x 4.125" x 0.25"


Branded Leather

Only Full Grain Leather

One of our favorite things about working with full grain leather is the unique story each hide tells through the scars, brands and markings it bears.

What Is A Cattle Brand

Cattle Brands are a marking that identifies the owner of the cattle in the event it were to become lost or stolen.

Cows in Field
Scarred Wallet

Devil's Rope Scarring

Run ins with barbed wire, also know as devil's rope is a common occurrence with life on the open range. These scars tell the unique stories the leather holds.