Hammer Riveted Wallet - Scarred Range - Open Wallet
Hammer Riveted Wallet - Scarred Range - Closed Wallet
Hammer Riveted Wallet - Scarred Range - Back Wallet

Hammer Riveted Wallet - Cattle Brand

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Hammer Riveted Wallet Featuring Cattle Brand

  • Two front inside pockets hold up to 4 cards each
  • Two back inside pockets hold a wad of cash folded once or additional cards 
  • Single piece of full grain leather and riveted construction
  • Dimensions: 4.38” x 3.125”

The authentic livestock brand shown on this wallet was used to identify cattle in the event it was lost or stolen while roaming the open range. The brand now identifies your wallet as a one of a kind item that pays homage to the wild existence this leather represents.


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Branded Leather

Only Full Grain Leather

One of our favorite things about working with full grain leather is the unique story each hide tells through the scars, brands and markings it bears.

What Is A Cattle Brand

Cattle Brands are a marking that identifies the owner of the cattle in the event it were to become lost or stolen.

Cows in Field
Scarred Wallet

Devil's Rope Scarring

Run ins with barbed wire, also know as devil's rope is a common occurrence with life on the open range. These scars tell the unique stories the leather holds.