Leather Travel Accessories

Whether you’re taking an exciting vacation or doing your daily commute to work, the enjoyment and ease of your travels depends on the travel accessories you carry. American Bench Craft brings you handmade leather travel accessories that are designed with the best materials, creating pieces that are as fantastic looking as they are functional, and look great as they age.

Accessories for Men and Women

We offer several types of travel accessories for men and travel accessories for women, including bags with leather trim, leather luggage tags, and even leather travel journals.

Our bags have plenty of room for clothing and other essentials but are compact enough to use as carry-ons when you travel by plane. Our customizable leather luggage tags are a simple option for making your luggage easily identifiable. Have your initials embossed on the tag, and you’ll never mistake someone else’s suitcase for yours. You can also have your initials embossed on our leather travel journals.

Need New Travel Accessories?

If you’re shopping for travel accessories that offer a perfect mix of style, functionality, and durability, our leather travel accessories are made for you. Choose from our inventory of travel accessories for men and travel accessories for women, and experience the quality of the leather craftsmanship we perform by hand.