Board Of Directors

German Shepherd Dog Pemi


Position: Chief Efficiency Officer - I roam the office herding everyone back to their workstations. Under my watch there are no coffee or lunch breaks

Favorite Toy: Rubber frisbee

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, rolling around in the snow or playing fetch without giving back the ball. I also love playing lifeguard when kids are in the water


Position: Chief Marketing Officer - I am in charge of all photography, video shoots and modeling efforts

Favorite Toy: Stuffed bunny - my comfort toy since I was a puppy

Favorite Pastimes: Playing fetch or demanding to be pet with both hands by anyone that visits

Golden Retriever Dog Levi
Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Ruby


Position: Chief Security Officer - I am in charge of protecting our workshop. I have identified the mailman as the biggest threat

Favorite Toy: A stick or chewing firewood while sitting next to a fire

Favorite Pastimes: Napping and I must be covered with a blanket at all times. Even if my paw is sticking out, I will whine until it is covered


Position: Chief Human Resources Officer - I make sure everyone at the office is in good spirits and getting along

Favorite Toy: Balls from a supermarket ball bin

Favorite Pastimes: Eating and sitting on the front porch to people/dog watch

Boxer Dog Dyna
Horse Reina


Position: Chief Catering Officer - I make sure the office is stocked with plenty of food at all times and all employees are well fed

Favorite Toy: A bean bag

Favorite Pastimes: Eating. My nickname at the barn is "Reina the Hungry Hippo". If I have fresh hay or yummy grass to munch on, a bomb could go off and I wouldn't even notice. I also enjoy trail riding for the same reason... endless supply of food to eat the entire ride

Other Team Members


Role: Co-Founder

Favorite Product: Leatherman Sheath for my Wave that never leaves my hip

Favorite Pastimes: Anything Outdoors (Rock Climbing,
Hiking, Fishing, Sitting By A Fire, etc.)

Employee Jason
Employee Chris


Role: Co-Founder

Favorite Product: The Working Man's Belt hands down

Favorite Pastimes: Read, Cook, Drive, sit and walk around anywhere outside that's scenic


Role: Business Development

Favorite Product: The Celtic Belt and our Personalized Dog Collars. I also love our Wildlife Coasters, they aren't big sellers for us but I will never give up on them

Favorite Pastimes: Hiking, camping, swimming and pickup sports. Also spending time with my family and friends

Employee Eric Banff Canada
Employee Leah


Role: Marketing & Advertising

Favorite Product: The Riveted Tote. I own 3 of
them...I have one in black, one in tan and one in a deep auburn color.

Favorite Pastimes: Silversmithing! I find the craft extremely fulfilling and satisfying- especially when a piece comes out exactly how I envisioned it.


Role: Operations Manager

Favorite Product: Leather Dog Collars

Favorite Pastimes: I like spending time with my friends and going on adventures with my dog

Employee Josh
Kelly Employee


Role: Sales/Account Management/ Business Development…..Smorgasbord of tasks

Favorite Product: Too many to choose from!

Rum Runner Bracelet or Badlands Cuff

Hammer Riveted Wallet or Executive Card Case

Wax Canvas Backpack or Leather Tote 

Favorite Pastimes: I enjoy playing sports such as Co-Ed
softball and volleyball Leagues. I also enjoy golfing, going for a walk/hike with my dog, trying out new restaurants, or in my true free time I enjoy binge watching a show or taking a nap


Role: Shipping & Fulfillment Manager

Favorite Product: The Working Man's Belt

Favorite Pastimes: I like to spend time watching sports with my family, and spending time with my friends doing stuff outside like hiking, skateboarding or skiing

Team Photo Max
Team Photo Megan


Role: Admin Assistant

Favorite Product: Probably the sheaths, I love the patina they get. I need to get a Leatherman tool so that I can use the sheath haha!

Favorite Pastimes: Going on walks in nature and crafting/art, and spending time with Josh