American Made Leather Wallets

Leather wallets from American Bench Craft are made using the best materials and processes to create wallets that can last a lifetime and look great doing it. Our American made leather wallets are handmade from a single piece of vegetable tanned, full grain leather, and securely held together by metal rivets. The result is one of the best lines of full grain leather wallets available.

Why Vegetable-Tanned Leather?

Vegetable tanned leather is all-natural and created using an eco-friendly tanning process. The leather breaks in gradually, becoming more supple and developing a beautiful patina that is unique to your specific wallet. A new full grain leather wallet is initially stiff and rigid. However, as you use it, the rigidity eventually disappears, without compromising the wallet’s durability.

Why Metal Rivets Instead of Stitching?

Metal rivets hold up better against the stress of continually taking your wallet from your pocket and slipping it back in. Over time, this normal wear can cause thread to fray. When that happens, the wallet starts to fall apart. Metal rivets simply become more polished with wear. Combined with their visual appeal, this makes them a better choice than thread stitching.

Why Use a Single Piece of Leather?

The fewer parts a wallet has, the less likely it is to experience damage that can lead to needing a new wallet. Our single piece design ensures that our American made leather wallets deliver long lasting strength and durability. The best leather wallets are made from one piece of leather.

How can You Tell Leather is Full Grain?

The highest grade of leather, full grain leather can be identified by aesthetically appealing natural scars and marks that are a natural part of the material. Hides are separated into different layers, but each hide has only one full grain layer, which is the top of layer. This layer is also the strongest one, allowing a full grain wallet to develop a beautiful patina as it ages gracefully.

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