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Our Biker Chain Wallet is Handmade using Real Leather at our New England Workshop in Wilmington, MA just North of Boston

This Trucker or Biker Wallet is available in Brown or Black Leather and with or without a Chain (if you already have one)

The NEW and IMPROVED Boneyard Biker Wallet No. 2 is our take on the classic trucker or biker chain wallet, featuring riveted construction with two card pockets that hold three to four cards each, plus an extra wide cash pocket for holding a large wad of unfolded bills. Add a chain to your wallet with a stainless steel carabiner, attached through a D-ring clip that is fixed to the bottom right corner of the wallet. Two snaps secure all items inside, making it the perfect wallet for travel and life on the road.

The Biker Wallet for One and All

Available in black or brown leather, this wallet has its roots in motorcycle culture, but its style, functionality, and durability appeals to anyone who likes the leather biker wallet with chain design. The wallet’s handsome, rugged, oil tanned leather doesn’t rip or tear, and its stylish, rust-resistant, solid brass and stainless steel hardware give the piece exceptionally strong construction. This is a chain wallet you can use for years.

Gets Even Better With Wear

Wallets made with low-grade leather and stitching look best when new. Over time, the leather loses its finish and the thread starts to fray. The Boneyard Biker Wallet does the opposite: The item’s riveted, oil tanned design ensures that it wears well, developing an attractive patina as it ages. Replace your old billfold with a handmade leather biker wallet!

Wallet Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.75"

Total Chain Length: 16"

Chain Width: 3/8"

Availability: Free U.S. Shipping. Made-to-order, Handcrafted and shipped in 3-5 business days.
Current Stock:
Width: 8.75
Height: 6.25
Depth: 3.25
Warranty: Handcrafted & Guaranteed for Life

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase, we will accept a return and process a refund unless otherwise specified.

The sale of all limited edition products, products that have been engraved, monogrammed, embossed, personalized, etc. are final and non-refundable.

We guarantee your purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of your product.

Where needed, we will repair your product. Please contact info@americanbenchcraft.com to discuss a potential repair service.

Our policy cannot accommodate purchases that have been abused, misused, or altered.

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Customer Reviews 5 (17 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
Wallet and Chain

Excellent product. Thick, quality leather, perfect size, nice chain. And made with craftsmanship. Pricey, but worth every nickel!

5 Stars
Worth Every Dollar

Just got my wallet in the mail, and all I can say is that it’s 100% the best wallet I’ve ever had and I know for sure that it’ll last a lifetime and I’m still young (29). The leather is beautiful and thick, the rivets will ensure that this wallet will stay its shape with no problem of “breaking”. I customized it as well and I’d highly encourage you to do so, it’s a awesome personal touch they put smack dab in the middle of the front flap it’s great! .. I spent literally 3 days and hefty hours scouring the internet for the best wallet and this is the one! - Full Grain leather, riveted, customization, and Veteran owned?? You won’t find a better deal!

5 Stars
My last wallet lasted 20+yrs. I stumbled across Bench Craft & quality is what grabbed my eye. Having to depart a wallet that close to my heart, (which was an Oakley) I had to look 4 sumthin similar in setup.This wallet is prolly the last wallet U wil

Top notch quality. Last wallet u will buy. \,,/

5 Stars
The one I’ve been looking for.

I have spent more money on wallets than I would like to admit trying to find the right one. The wallet has to be functional as well as cool because I ride thousands of miles a year on my motorcycle. It has to stay put in your pocket while you’re walking around, riding or sitting on a barstool. This is the one. Save yourself thousands of dollars and jump on this one. American made, veteran owned and the best design I’ve ever seen. Thanks for a great product. I’ve purchased a lot of other items as well and they are all the same top-notch quality.

5 Stars

Great quality, great craftsmanship, great customer service. veteran owned. buy one for yourself then buy another as a gift.

5 Stars
Boneyard Biker Chain Wallet

Love the wallet. Great quality leather and the rivets provide more durability than I feel stitching would. No complaints on the wallet at all. Chain could be a little heavier duty.

5 Stars

Love my wallet! Perfect size, leather is nice, rivets are placed symmetrically. Definitely well made. The chain is great too. Almost exactly what I imagined. Two minor complaints if you can call them complaints: not a fan of the huge logo stamped on the back, would be nice without. I expected a second area for bills, maybe put a divider for 2 bill sections.

5 Stars
Biker Chain Wallet with Chain

Rivets with high grade leather, artisnal craftsmanship and true professionalism combine to make this item world class...simply the best. Forget the rest. Nothing beats American Bench Craft. U S Dept of Def.

5 Stars
Boneyard wallet

This wallet is very well constructed with thick smooth leather. The wallet fits perfectly in back pocket and does not stick out much. The cash slot is big enough to place cash in there with out any issues. The two card slots allow for approximately 4 cards in each side. This wallet exceeded my expectations with fit and finish. Very satisfied with this wallet. I would absolutely recommend this wallet. I ride pretty much daily so this biker chain wallet is the perfect size and will stay secured in your pocket.

5 Stars
instant heirloom

I've been wanting to replace the trucker wallet I lost during inprocessing into the military 20-odd years ago, and I am so glad I waited until I found the right one. The craftsmanship is remarkable, the leather is top quality and my new wallet is breaking in like a pair of boots you know you'll probably be buried in. Well done, ABC Team! You've got a customer for life. Best regards from Afghanistan, JP

5 Stars
Boneyard Biker Chain Wallet No.2

Excellent craftsmanship and an awesome wallet design. Perfect size. Thank you all for allowing me the option to choose rivet/snap color/type.

5 Stars
Bone Yard Biker Wallet

Quality craftsmanship, no stitching to wear out is great, holds a ton of cash for traveling.

5 Stars
Boneyard Wallet

Excellent Frickin Wallet !!! It’s my first chain wallet and will probably be my last. I’ll never go back to a regular again. Also as a Union Ironworker I love the stenciling on the back ..... keep America great!!

5 Stars
Boneyard Biker Wallet

I have looked for a long wallet that was functional and not massive in every way, finally found it with this one!

5 Stars
Boneyard Biker Wallet #2

I dont know what happened to BBW #1, but this is no doubt a worthy successor. A straightforward, well made wallet that will hold up well for years to come. My previous wallet, purchased at a head shop in Flint MI, lasted me nearly 20 years. Im getting old and expect this wallet to be my last. Srs tho, What really attracted me to this wallet is that its made in the USA of top materials. Thanks for the excellent, Made in USA product!!

5 Stars
Absolutely love it!

First of all, it smells amazing! The leather is very thick and strong. I'm very happy with the card slots because now that most sales use chip readers, its so easy to pull the card out without having to turn it for the chip reader. Holds bills nice and flat. Finally found the prefect wallet!

5 Stars
The boneyard biker wallet number two

Hands-down the best wallet I have ever purchased. Thank you very much