Latigo Leather


Definition of Latigo Leather 

Latigo Leather is a type of leather obtained by treating animal hide using both the traditional vegetable tanning and the modern chrome tanning methods.

The result is leather with the best of both worlds— durability and flexibility from vegetable tanning, and colorfast plus water resistance properties from chrome tanning.

The hides are first treated with chromium salts and then soaked in vegetable tannings derived from oak bark and other plants.

This unique process balances the leather’s durability and suppleness, making it a popular choice for products that require strength and flexibility, such as horse riding tacks, belts and dog collars.

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Here are the key features and benefits to expect from latigo leather:

  • Moisture resistance: Due to the high amount of oil infused into the leather during the tanning process, latigo leather is resistant to moisture.
  • Aging and patina: Latigo leather ages well and develops a beautiful patina with time, making it a popular choice for leather lovers who just love their leather in a darker shade.
  • Durability: Latigo leather is known for its strength and flexibility due to the combination tanning process involved.
  • Different colors: Traditionally, latigo leather was manufactured in burgundy color. Nowadays it’s available in black, brown, red, and white.

It's important to note that while latigo leather is a durable and high-quality material, it may not be suitable for all products. The leather's rigidity can make it challenging for stamping.

This type of leather is also more costly than other cow leathers that have undergone either vegetable tanning or chromium tanning, but not combination tanning like latigo leather. The high cost is due to the lengthy tanning process involved.

Example of Latigo Leather in a sentence

“I searched for a red latigo leather belt for a while without success, but now they’re available in the market.”


Combination-tanned leather.

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