Definition of Scarring

Scarring is a term used to describe marks and blemishes that occur on the surface of the hide. These scars range from small, barely noticeable marks to larger, more prominent ones.

Scarring can occur due to injuries sustained by the animal during its life, insect bites, and other natural occurrences. 

These scars create unique and attractive patterns on the leather that are often prized by leather artisans and customers alike. Examples are the cattle brand scars and devil’s rope scars found on some of our products.

The table below further breaks down the type of scarring on leather:

Type of Scarring Description Appearance
Cattle Brand Scars purposefully caused by branding or marking of cattle Unique patterns, often linear or curved
Insect Bites Scars resulting from insect bites on the animal's skin Small, irregular marks
Natural Occurrences Scars caused by natural processes, such as scratches or wounds sustained by the animal during its life Varying sizes and shapes
Devil's Rope Scars caused by barbed wire or similar fencing materials Linear marks

While some scars add character to the leather and be viewed as desirable, others negatively affect the leather's quality and value.

For example, scars that are too deep or numerous weaken the leather and cause it to tear or break more easily

In addition, some types of scars aren’t suitable for certain leather products, such as designer handbags and boots that require a flawless appearance.

Though it’s not necessary to remove the scars, those who choose to apply techniques that make the marks less noticeable.

One way is re-tanning (adding tanning agents) to soften the leather and minimize the scars’ appearance while the other one is to add dye to completely cover the scar.

However, it’s important to note that these techniques alter the natural characteristics of leather, which may not be desirable for customers who love natural-looking leather.

Example of Scarring in a sentence

“Scarring on an animal’s hide is preferred by people who like the look of natural leather.”


Leather irregularities, leather blemishes. 

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