Definition of Yield

Yield refers to the amount usable product that can be cut from a hide.  

The yield of a hide is determined by its size, quality and the skill of the cutter. A large hide, with minimal defect and imperfections, cut by a skilled die cutter will have the highest yield. 

In summary, factors affecting the yield include:

  • Size and shape of the hide: Irregularly shaped hides or those with significant damage may result in lower yields.
  • Cutting efficiency: Precision and skill are necessary to maximize the amount of usable leather obtained from a hide.
  • Type of leather: Different leather types have different yields. For example, full grain leather has a lower yield than corrected-grain leather, because there are more imperfections that need to be worked around. 
  • Tanning process: Different tanning methods result in varying levels of quality on the surface grain. 

To optimize the cutting yield, the cutting process is planned carefully by taking into account the size and shape of the products being made, the type of leather and the number of pieces needed to be cut.

Another way is to use computerized cutting machines. These machines use advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient way of cutting that will result in high yield and less waste.

The table below further breaks down various cutting techniques for maximizing leather yield:

Technique Description Benefits Challenges
Careful Measurement Precise measuring of leather pieces and planning the cutting process to optimize the yield Minimizes waste Requires skilled measurement and planning
Computerized Cutting Use of advanced algorithms in computerized cutting machines to calculate the most efficient cutting patterns Maximizes yield with precision cutting Initial investment in machinery
Pattern Optimization Strategic placement of patterns on the leather hide to minimize waste and maximize usable yield Efficient use of available leather space Requires expertise in pattern placement
Nesting Techniques Arranging pattern pieces in a way that maximizes the utilization of leather while minimizing waste Maximizes yield through efficient nesting Requires careful arrangement and planning
Laser Cutting Precise cutting using laser technology to minimize material waste and increase yield High precision cutting Costly equipment and maintenance

Example of Yield in a sentence

“He carefully measured and cut the leather pieces in order to optimize the yield.”


Leather utilization, leather efficiency.

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