Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BR-BR-30
Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BR-BR-30
Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BR-NI-30
Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BL-BR-30
Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BL-NI-30
Journeyman's Belt--American Bench Craft-ABC-BL-JYB-BL-NI-30
journeyman belt buckle - rivets - brown/brass
journeyman belt buckle - rivets - brown/nickel
journeyman belt buckle - rivets -grey/nickel
journeyman belt buckle - rivets - grey/brass

Journeyman's Belt - 1.5"

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Belt Size (refer to sizing instructions below)

Journeyman’s Belt - 1.5” Wide 

  • The perfect belt for casual everyday use
  • Made with a 10 oz water buffalo leather that is oil tanned
  • 1.5" wide
  • Features a rugged pullup effect creating a unique vintage look 
  • No peeling, cracking, splitting or falling apart 
  • All belts come with 7 sizing holes
  • Stainless steel or brass buckle options, riveted construction

The Journeyman’s Belt is a simple but rugged belt designed for everyday wear. We make this belt with a firm tempered water buffalo leather that resists stretching and breaks in over time. Customize your belt by selecting the leather and buckle color of your choice.

*Please note: All sales are final on personalized belts. We cannot accept returns/exchanges. 

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Men's Belt Sizing Guide

1.) Will my belt split or peel like department store belts?    

Definitely NOT! Most department store belts are made with bonded or “genuine” leather that separates and falls apart. Our belts are made from a single piece of thick premium full grain leather that will not fall apart.  

2.) What sizes are available? What if I am “in between” sizes?

We offer sizes 30-58. If you are in between sizes (i.e. size 35) we recommend sizing up to a 36 belt.

3.) How many sizing holes are there? 

There are 7 sizing holes. Your selected belt size will measure to the center hole, giving you 3 holes of adjustment on either side. 

4.) How wide are your belts?

Our belts come in 5 different widths depending on belt style. These widths include (0.75",1.0”, 1.25”, 1.5” & 1.75”)

5.) What types of Buckles and Hardware are used for the belts?

Brass, nickel plated brass and stainless steel buckles depending on the belt style. Solid brass snaps or rivets to secure the buckle. Snaps unbutton and allow you to swap out the buckle, while rivets are permanently fixed and cannot swap out the buckle. Be sure to read the product descriptions to see what buckle and hardware comes with the belt style.

6.) Where does the custom personalization go on the belt?

We can heat emboss up to 5 letters or numbers on the finished side of the belt at the tip (opposite end of the buckle). 

7.) Are both sides of the belt finished?

No, we don't cut corners by bonding layers of leather together. The backside of the belt is left in its natural form to preserve the integrity and durability of the leather. 

8.) What if the belt I ordered doesn’t fit?

If you ordered the incorrect size belt, we will gladly accept exchanges/returns as long as the belt is in brand new condition with no signs of wear or use. 

*Please note, leather can mark easily so be careful when trying on the belt as to not scratch or wrinkle the leather when fitting it through the buckle.  

journeyman belt spec sheet


journeyman's belt monogrammed

Personalize it


Make it one of a kind with heat-embossed initials.

Belt cut in half - thick full grain leather


This belt is built with purpose and made from a single strip of 10 oz oil tanned water buffalo leather. Using the highest quality materials and true American craftsmanship, your belt is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Our belts are crafted by hand, quality checked by hand, and packaged by hand at our workshop in Wilmington, MA. We use simple, no-frill designs to ensure our belts can withstand the rigors of everyday hard use.

American Flag in background of workshop