Definition of Carving

Carving is a leatherworking technique that involves creating intricate designs and patterns on the surface of leather by cutting into it with a sharp tool. 

This technique is used to create beautiful designs on leather belts, bags, and wallets, adding a unique and personalized touch to the finished product.

There are different tools used to carve leather, ranging from basic knives and chisels to more specialized tools designed for specific designs.

One of the benefits of carving is that it allows for greater precision and control when creating intricate designs compared to techniques such as stamping or embossing. 

Carving is also used to create three dimensional designs that add depth and texture to the surface of the leather.

When carving leather, it's important to use a sharp tool and work carefully, particularly when creating intricate designs. This ensures that the design has sharp lines and a consistent depth. 

Additionally, it's important to choose the right leather for carving as some types are more difficult to work with than others.

For example, vegetable tanned leather is a popular choice for carving due to its firmness and density. The firmness makes it easier to carve intricate designs while the density allows the carved design to retain its shape and definition.

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Softer leather such as suede or lambskin is more challenging to carve due to the tendency to stretch, which may cause them to tear.

However, if approached with care and patience, it's still possible to achieve beautifully carved designs on soft leather.

Example of Carving in a sentence

“My brother spent several hours carving floral designs on a leather holster.”


Sculpting, chiseling, incising.

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