Definition of Creasing

Creasing is a leatherwork technique that involves folding, bending or manipulating leather to create defined lines or patterns. This technique is often used in leather crafting and saddle making to create a more professional and finished look to the leather. 

Creasing is done by applying pressure to the leather with a creaser or edge marker—a specialized tool with a rounded or pointed end.

There are several types of creases that can be made depending on the desired effect. Some common ones include:

  • Decorative creases: Made for aesthetic purposes, such as adding a decorative element to a leather product. For example, it can be made on the edge of a leather belt to give it a unique look.
  • Edge creases: Made on the edges of a leather product to give it a finished look and prevent fraying. This is especially important for products like leather bags and wallets that are frequently used and exposed to wear and tear.
  • Fold creases: Made on the surface of the leather to create a fold or seam in the leather. This technique is often used in leather crafting to create three-dimensional shapes or structures, such as the sides of a leather bag or the seams of a shoe.

The process of creasing involves marking leather with a creaser or edge marker to create a defined line or pattern.

The creaser is heated to make the process more effective, then the leather is folded along the crease line to create the desired effect.

Whichever pattern you get depends on the shape of the tool. A U-shaped crease tool will create a rounded crease while a V-shaped tool will create a sharp angular crease.

This table highlights various applications of creasing in leatherwork, along with a description and examples:

Application Description Examples
Leather Belts Creasing is used to create decorative creases or edge creases on the belts, enhancing their appearance Decorative creases on belt loops or edge creases on belt straps
Leather Bags Creasing on the edges of bags provides a finished look, while fold creases shape the structure of the bag Edge creases on bag flaps or fold creases on bag panels
Leather Wallets Edge creases are made to prevent fraying and give wallets a neat finish, ensuring durability and longevity Edge creases on wallet pockets or card slots
Leather Accessories Creasing adds decorative elements or edge creases to accessories like keychains, bracelets, or cardholders Decorative creases on leather keychain fobs or edge creases on leather cuffs
Leather Crafts Creasing is used in leather crafting to create fold creases, giving three-dimensional shapes to the leather Fold creases on leather masks or fold creases on book covers

Example of Creasing in a sentence

“The creasing design on my belt is what inspired me to buy it.”


Edge folding, edge grooving, edge dressing.

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