Basket Weave Leather


Definition of Basket Weave Leather

Basket Weave Leather is a type of leather with patterns that criss-crosses over each other to resemble a woven basket.

This type of leather is commonly used in the production of high-quality leather goods such as belts, wallets, sheaths, and other accessories.

To create a basket weave pattern, any of two methods can be used. The first method uses a metal stamp that has patterns on its base. This stamp is placed onto leather and struck with a mallet to make the basket weave impressions.

The second method applies heat and pressure and is what we use on our Badlands Belt. By pressing the pattern onto leather at high heat and pressure, we’re able to create deep long-lasting basket weave impressions.

Here is a short video on how we made The Badlands Belt:

Basket weave leather patterns come by the dozens and are named according to what they resemble. Some of them include:

  • Lattice basket weave
  • Rope basket weave
  • Hourglass basket weave
  • Square basket weave
  • Axe head basket weave

Items made from basket weave leather have these benefits:

  • Unique look: The intricate crisscross pattern has a distinctive look which elevates plain leather items and makes them stand out.
  • Hides wear and tear: The pattern helps to mask scratches and wear, making it a practical choice for everyday use leather items.
  • Versatility: Basket weave leather can be used in a wide range of leather goods including belts, wallets, bags, and shoes to add a unique touch.
  • Better grip: The rough pattern is non-slip and useful for items that need to stay in place, such as sheaths for holding your flashlight or your knife.

Example of Basket Weave Leather in a sentence

“I’ve bought so many leather items but my basket weave leather belt has a criss cross pattern that makes it my favorite.”


Criss-cross pattern, checkered weave pattern.

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