Embossed Leather


Definition of Embossed Leather

Embossed leather is a type of leather stamped with raised designs such as logos, names, initials, animal prints, florals, or geometric shapes.

The embossing can be done by hand using a stamp and mallet, or it can be done using a machine to apply heat and pressure.

Embossed leather is a highly versatile and accessible option for those looking to add texture and designs to their leather products. 

Take for instance the design on our premium full grain Badlands Cuff. We’ve embossed a deep, long lasting basket weave texture by applying heat and pressure to the leather.

American Bench Craft’s Badlands Cuff

These tear-drop earrings are also embossed with either a basket weave, Celtic knot, or Aztec pattern and are an excellent gift for a female who loves embossed leather.

Aztec Earrings 


Celtic Knot Earrings


Basketweave Earrings


One of the benefits of embossed leather is its ability to add a unique touch to a product. At American Bench Craft, we can help you do that by embossing the initials of your choice on your wallet, belt, or sheath. 

Embossed leather can be used to create other products including shoes, handbags, wallets, and belts. It’s also used in upholstery and furniture manufacturing to create unique, textured designs.

Example of Embossed Leather in a sentence

“He showed me his new knife sheath made of embossed leather.”


Engraved leather, brocaded leather, raised-adorned leather.

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