Fat Wrinkles


Definition of Fat Wrinkles

Fat wrinkles are a common characteristic found in hides and leather. They are caused by the uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat in the animal, resulting in creases and wrinkles in the skin. 

Fat wrinkles are seen by some leatherworkers as a defect that affects the appearance of the leather, but for others, they’re a positive quality. 

On a positive note, fat wrinkles add to the natural character of the leather and give it a unique texture. 

On the other hand, fat wrinkles can be a problem because they create weaknesses in the leather and make it more prone to tearing or stretching. 

This is a problem for leather goods that require a high degree of durability, such as saddles or boots. In addition, the uneven surface of fat wrinkles can make it difficult to achieve a smooth and uniform finish when dyeing or polishing the leather.

Leather artisans have adopted methods for dealing with fat wrinkles. One technique is "breaking" the hide, which involves stretching and pulling the leather to even out any wrinkles or creases. 

Another method is using leather fillers. It’s achieved by sanding the raised wrinkles and filling the creases in between with filler.

The table below further breaks down the techniques for dealing with fat wrinkles:

Technique Description Effectiveness
Breaking the Hide Stretching and pulling the leather to even out wrinkles and creases Effective in reducing fat wrinkles
Leather Fillers Sanding raised wrinkles and filling the creases with filler Conceals wrinkles but may affect the natural texture of the leather
Heat Treatment Applying heat to the fat wrinkles to soften and smooth the leather Helps relax and minimize the appearance of fat wrinkles
Wet Molding Moistening the leather and molding it to reshape and smooth wrinkles Provides temporary improvement

Example of Fat Wrinkles in a sentence

“The leather used to make our customers’ accessories had fat wrinkles but the customers loved the outcome on the final products.”


Fat creases, fat folds.

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