Brass Rivets


Definition of Brass Rivets

Brass rivets are small, metal fasteners with a cylindrical shaft and sturdy head on one end. They’re used in leatherworking to join two or more pieces of leather together. 

They’re made from brass, a malleable alloy composed of copper and zinc which gives them their distinct golden color.

Brass rivets are a durable fastening method and can’t be compared to stitches. While stitches create a strong bond, it’s not as strong as a rivets bond. There’s always a chance of stitches unraveling.

That’s why we use brass rivets for joining our leather pieces. They hold the leather so firmly that it takes a tool such as a drill to remove them.

There are other benefits of using brass rivets on leather products:

  • They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different leatherworking projects. The heads can be flat, round, or pan-like, among other variations.
  • They can be used in combination with other hardware such as snaps, buckles, and D-rings to create a cohesive look. See how well this D-Ring Holster complements the rivets in our Estwing Sportsman Axe Set.
  • Brass rivets are a cost-effective option used to fasten leather compared to stitching or using zippers.

D-Ring Holster


Estwing Sportsman Axe Set


Other rivet types such as copper ones are known for their exceptional strength, but they have a distinct copper color that may not work well with certain leather colors and styles. 

Overall, brass rivets offer a balance of durability, style, and affordability that make them a popular choice for leatherworking projects.

Example of Brass Rivets in a sentence

“The brass rivets on her leather journal gave it a timeless look.”


Brass burs, brass rivet fasteners.

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