Distressed Leather


Definition of Distressed Leather

Distressed leather is a type of leather that specifically designed to have an aged or weathered appearance. 

This type of leather is highly sought after for its unique and individualized character, which adds a sense of adventure and a tough personality—exactly what our distressed leather products portray.

Distressed leather comes in several forms which include:

  • Crackled leather: This leather is treated with a wax top coat which cracks and separates as the leather is stretched, creating a rugged and weathered appearance.
  • Antique leather: It’s soaked in oils to soften it then manually buffed with sandpaper or an abrasive material to create the aged effect.
  • Pull-up leather: It’s treated with oil or wax, to create a distinctive "pull-up" effect when the leather is stretched or bent, creating lighter and darker areas on the leather. 

Our Journeyman Leather Belt features the pull-up leather effect. This is a rugged belt for everyday use that we make using firm, tempered water buffalo leather that resists stretching, and which you can customize with a brass or nickel buckle.

American Bench Craft’s Journeyman's Belt

Water buffalo leather is extremely tough, has a beautiful natural grain, and resists stretching. 

In addition to its unique character, many distressed leathers are highly resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a great choice for products that will be exposed to moisture, heat, or undergo regular use. 

The aged appearance of distressed leather gives it a timeless rugged look that can be paired with a variety of outfits and accessories.

Standard Key Fob


Rum Runner Wrap


Example of Distressed Leather in a sentence

“The cowboy boots made from distressed leather had an impressive aged look.”


Vintage leather, withered leather, tattered leather.

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